Heddon Greta Drive-in Movie Info


Thursday 13th April - Wednesday 19th April


    Shaggy Dog           Ice Age 2         Failure to Launch      Scary Movie 4

     6.00 pm               7.50pm                    9.40 pm                     11.15pm       

                   Gate opens 5.30pm            Gate opens 7.40pm              Gate opens 9.35pm                    Gate opens 11.10pm                    

Thursday 20th April - Wednesday 26th April


             Ice Age 2               Shaggy Dog           Scary Movie 4           Failure to Launch

                6.00pm                7.30pm                       9.15 pm                       11.15pm 


Thursday 27th April - Sunday 30th April


         Eight Below         The Pink Panther       Ice Age 2        Failure to Launch

  5.45pm                    7.30pm                      9.25 pm (TBA)               11.15pm 

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