Local Real Estate Development

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For the benefit of prospective purchasers of land and houses in the area, real estate sales people, land developers and council staff and councillors I include the following from the Development Control Plan for the area...:

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13.1.12 Drive In Theatre Interface


(a) The ongoing operation of the Drive In is not unreasonably affected by the residential

development of the adjacent land.

(b) Amenity impacts on residential development from the operation of the Drive In are

minimised by the design and siting of new development.


(i) Street lighting and other external lighting in the vicinity of the Drive In is to be

designed such as to not reduce the effectiveness of the Drive In screen.

(ii) Roads are to be designed to reduce the potential for vehicle headlights shining onto

the Drive In Screen as much as possible.

(iii) Urban development surrounding the Drive In is to be designed so as to reduce any

negative amenity impacts for residents arising from the operation of the Drive In as

much as possible.

(iv) The upgrade of Averys Lane is designed so as to not reduce the efficiency or egress

and ingress from the Drive In.

(v) Suitable screening is provided surrounding the Drive In (either on adjacent lots or on

the Drive In site by agreement) to “disrupt” clear views of the Drive in screen from

nearby residential lots or public places, in order to reduce the probability of copyright


(vi) There is adequate provision for queuing of vehicles prior to Drive In screenings on

Averys Lane between Main Road and the Drive In entrance. This measure could

potentially include prohibiting kerbside parking along the upgraded Avery Lane at

relevant times.


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Scott Seddon. 2nd October, 2018.