Hi Again,

For over two decades I have been confronted with rumours that I have sold the drive-in to property developers
for exorbitant amounts of money, as much as $8.6 million (believe me if that were the case I would be posting this from the Bahamas) and sometimes people even argue with ME when I dismiss them as just rumours. Just for the record I have done no such thing.

As we prepare to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of Heddon Greta Drive-in I have now been told by three groups of customers that salespeople selling house lots in the area in answer to obvious questions about traffic have been told that the drive-in is closing at the end of this year. These people are a disgrace to their profession.

Except for two short periods, this drive-in has operated since December 1967. We have been here since 26th March, 1996. The last time I did the maths we provide the equivalent of 3.2 full time jobs. Compared to the average of 328 worker hours building each new dwelling I think our contribution to the labour market speaks for itself.

I continue to find myself arguing against traffic plans that simply pretend that we, and our potential 600 plus cars, simply don't exist and bureaucrats who seem to see themselves as nothing more than a rubber stamp.

The plan is to implement an accelerated maintenance program over the next year or so as we look beyond our 50th to our 60th anniversary.

All the best.



Best wishes and thanks for your continuing patronage.

Scott Seddon. 28th January, 2012.