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Gates open at least 30 minutes before first movie and 5-10 minutes before subsequent movies.

Please allow plenty of time to find us. Print out the relevant map if needed. Remember that there are 6 places in the area with Greta as part of their name! WE  ARE AT "HEDDON GRETA" ! 

Yes  we do allow you to bring  your  four legged family members , They must be on a lead, you must have your emergency bags with you, and they must not be a nuiscance.

    You will need an FM car radio in order to hear the sound. The high tech nature of many modern cars means that the car radio will often close down every 15 or 30 minutes. That's why we recommend you bring a portable FM radio with reliable batteries .

People often ask if we can stream the movie sound to an app. This is not possible for two reasons. Firstly the films' distributors would not allow us to place the soundtrack on the net due to copyright reasons. Secondly, even if we did, the necessary buffering would delay the sound at least thirty to ninety seconds after the picture has hit the screen.

If you wish to sit outside your car, remember to bring a "portable" FM RADIO. Bring some chairs, bean bags or blankets for your comfort if required.  Remember to bring some warm clothes, as the  night can get chilly at times.

 The first 4 rows are our low vehicle area. 4WD'S, wagons or hatches with raised tail gates, vehicles with roof racks or high aerials and vehicles which our staff feel may impede the viewing of others, must park from row 5 through to row 16.

since 2016 Heddon Greta Drive-in has been a SMOKE FREE ZONE. The only place where smoking is permitted is the very back two rows.

  Please dispose of rubbish thoughtfully, especially glass bottles or containers! Either use the bins provided or please take the rubbish home with you.

Remember ... If you enjoy the experience recommend us to your friends...

" If you don't like the movie.... Slash the seats "